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If You Have a Car Accident in Florida

Naturally, the first response should be to attend to any personal injuries resulting from the car accident. Call 911 if someone is in need of medical attention, and call the Florida Highway Patrol or police.

An individual might not immediately realize that they are seriously hurt, so take care not to overlook an injury. According to Florida law, law enforcement should be contacted if there is over $500 in damage to either a person or property. To be safe, you should probably contact law enforcement in every accident unless it is extremely minor.

Car accidents range widely in terms of severity, so what Florida car wreck victims should do when in an accident will vary If there is damage, you will have to exchange insurance information with the other driver/drivers. Pay attention when you are exiting your car and be wary of approaching the other drivers. You will not only need their insurance information, but also their contact information and that of any potential witnesses.

If you are obstructing other drivers, you should clear the roadway to prevent additional hazards. However, if there is no obstruction, it is wise to leave vehicles in their position so that law enforcement can reconstruct the accident to determine who was at fault. If the cars must be moved, take pictures of the vehicles beforehand and also make note of any factors relating to the accident, such as debris or road signs.

Florida is considered a no-fault” state regarding cases of personal injury. This means that no matter who was at fault in the accident, each driver’s insurance is responsible for their own medical expenses. However, the determination of fault is necessary in Florida to decide who is responsible for property damage. Florida has “pure” comparative fault rules in this case that involve determining to what percent each driver is responsible in the accident. The police will file an accident report that will be important in later determining who was at fault.

Make sure you are prepared for what car accident victims should do when in an accident in Florida. Keep your insurance information as well as your license and registration in an accessible place such as your glove compartment. The most important thing to remember regarding what car wreck victims should do when in an accident in Florida is to stay calm, act with careful consideration of the situation, and contact Zigler Law. PLLC. as soon as possible if you feel that legal action is likely to be necessary following the accident.


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